Professional Window Restorer Kit

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Restore and protect flexible vinyl windows

DIY and professional kits for restoring windows in spray hoods and bimini top panels – and great for flexible windows in convertible cars.

  • Removes scratches and scuffs
  • Restores transparency
  • Protects against loss of plasticisers and UV damage
  • Also suitable for Acrylic

The system is easy to use and the results are impressive – much cheaper than buying replacements! It’s a simple three step process.

  1. MicroBuff paste takes out visible scratches
  2. MicroClear removes microscopic abrasion and haze to restore transparency
  3. MicroGlaze provides an optical coating that improves clarity, protects against UV damage and inhibits the loss of plasticisers. The treated surface is antistatic and repels dirt so that it stays clean longer.

Why do vinyl windows go brittle, cloudy and yellow?

Clear vinyl windows are made flexible by plasticisers, slippery beasts that are easily leached from the surface. Solvents and unsuitable cleaners speed the process, leading to brittleness.

Cloudiness and discolouring are caused by dirt, microscopic scratches and contaminants that penetrate the very soft surface of the vinyl. Wax and oil cause cloudiness and yellowing, so waxy dressings should be rigorously avoided.

Deterioration of vinyl is accelerated by UV in sunlight, and unlike coloured vinyls, plastic windows have very little protection.

The solution is to remove scratches and contamination and then, most importantly, to protect the surface with a coating that inhibits loss of plasticisers and provides UV protection.

Our Professional Kit

Breeze though the buffing and polishing process for larger areas with a power tool fitted with foam pads and backing disk supplied in this kit.

Self contained kit can be used to restore large areas of vinyl or acrylic and comes in tough polyproylene storage case that keeps everything organised and clean.


  • 75mm backing disc to fit drill or multi speed sander polisher,
  • separate foam pads for MicroBuff and MicroClear 
  • applicator cloth for final coating of MicroGlaze.
  • 500 ml each of of MicroBuff, MicroClear and MicroGlaze

All are sufficient to improve up to 200 sq ft or 6-10 sprayhood windows.