Propeller Cleaner

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Powerful proprietary multiple acid blend which attacks the oxidisation coat on dulled metals such as alloy, brass and stainless steel, and dissolves marine accretions, bringing up a bright, as new, finish in minutes.

Boatsheen Propeller Cleaners’ powerful fizzing action dissolves oxidation, and also limescale all around your boat. Restores the original shine and smooth surface. Works in 1-2 minutes – simply spray on, leave, agitate and wash off with copious water when fizzing subsides. Excellent on shower screens, in heads and around sinks where traditional retail limescale removers are hopeless. Repeat for thick accretions.

Do not let washed off product run directly into the marine environment. Dispose of through the foul water sewerage system. Phosphate free. Supplied with a spray top (not illustrated) on 500ml size. Can be painted on too, though use a metal-free brush. Can stain cheap stainless steel so test on an inconspicuous area first.