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BoatSheen UltraGlaze provides a protective sheen that improves the appearance of a boat just like a good quality wax. The difference is that UltraGlaze is tougher and much more durable.

  • Builds a long-lasting sheen – typically 3 years
  • Makes cleaning easier by shrugging off water, dirt and bird droppings
  • Eliminates the need for regular waxing
  • Reduces the fading effect of UV radiation
  • Provides long-term protection from harmful pollutants

UltraGlaze can be used on GRP, new or old, and works well on all modern paint finishes. It is used just like a conventional wax and requires no special tools or training. Just wipe on and buff up to a shine, either by hand or with a polishing machine.

The sheen will last for several seasons, but the UV protection gradually declines, so we suggest a top-up application each year. Best results are obtained if contaminations of dirt, oxidised gel coat or previous wax treatments are removed before application. BoatSheen Glaze Prep is designed for this purpose.

You can order UltraGlaze as separate components or as complete package deal kits.

BoatSheen UltraGlaze kits

Package includes Glaze Prep, the Glaze itself and an applicator pad and 40x40cm microfibre cloth for each product that makes it quick and easy to apply – a 30 foot boat can easily be glazed in a single morning or afternoon.