Rotary Polisher Pads (M14)

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Interchangeable heads on the sander-polishers enable you to select the correct size backing disk or foam pad for your application. At any speed setting, the larger disks have a higher peripheral speed than smaller ones, so use large disks and high speed with care – especially on fibreglass. We recommend 150mm pads for compounding.

In the trade, foam pads are generally used in preference to bonnets for applying and buffing compound, polish and wax. Pads come complete with their own M14 backing disk that simply screws into place instead of the standard one. 

  • Compounding, scratch removal – use firm (White) foam pad or cotton bonnet
  • Pre-wax or UltraGlaze prep – use medium (Blue) foam pad or cotton bonnet
  • Wax and final polish – use soft (Red) foam pad or lambswool bonnet